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Anneslea Wallich, nom. cons.

Small, evergreen, glabrous trees. Leaves petaloid, crowded at the apices of branchlets, coriaceous. Flowers white or yellowish, axillary or subterminal umbellate corymbs, sometimes drooping. Sepals 5, connate at base, subtended by 2 bracteoles at base, lobes unequal, imbricate, coriaceous, adherent to ovary at base. Petals 5, connate at base, lobes ovate, perigynous. Stamens many, epipetalous, inserted on a perigynous disc, in 2-series; anthers filiform, long cuspidate. Ovary half inferior, turbinate, 3-locular, ovules many, pendulous; styles long with 3 subulate stigmas. Berries globose, coriaceous, subtended by 2 persistent bracteoles, crowned by persistent sepals, 1 - 3-seeded. Seeds oblong, with horse-shoe shaped cavity, testa osseous, albumen fleshy.

Subtropical to temperate S.E. Asia, ca 9 species; one in India.

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