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Anneslea fragrans Wallich, Pl. Asiat. Rar. 1: 5. t. 5. 1829; Dyer in Fl. Brit. India 1: 280. 1874.

Trees, ca 15 m tall; branchlets grey, terete, lenticellate. Leaves crowded at apices of branchlets, exstipulate, 9 - 16 x 2 - 5 cm, lanceolate or oblanceolate, acute at base, obtuse or acute at apex, entire, coriaceous, dark green above, pale beneath; midrib prominent, lateral veins 12 - 15, indistinct, glabrous, small glands present on dorsal surface; petioles 1.5 - 2.5 cm long, slightly winged at base, flat above. Flowers white or yellowish-white in terminal or axillary subumbellate corymbs, erect or nodding, fragrant; pedicels 2 - 5.2 cm long, terete, slender, subclavate, angular at apex; bracteoles 2 at the base of thalamus, ovate, concave, obtuse, persistent. Sepals 5, connate at base, persistent, yellowish; lobes ca 1.5 x 1.2 cm, ovate, acute or obtuse, coriaceous with membranous margins. Petals 5, connate at base, lobes ca 1 x 1 cm, ovate, cordate, acute, imbricate, opposite to calyx lobes, deciduous. Stamens 30 or more, ca 6 mm long, inserted in 2 series on a perigynous disc at the base of ovary, glabrous; filaments ca 2 mm long, filiform; anthers ca 4 mm long, linear, dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary tricarpellary, syncarpous, half inferior, turbinate, fleshy, ovules many in each locule on axile placentation. Styles ca 1.2 cm long, terete, glabrous; stigmas 3, subulate. Berries ca 2.5 cm in diam., globose, with minute tubercles and marcescent calyx. Seeds 2 - 3, rarely solitary, oblong, obtuse; aril fleshy, deep red.

Fl. & Fr. Jan. - May.

Distrib. India: In subtropical forests bettween 1500 and 1900 m. Nagaland and Manipur.

Myanmar and Malesia.


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