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Delphinium koelzii Munz in J. Arn. Arb. 48: 522, f. 9H. 1967.

Slender perennial herbs; stems up to 1 m high, simple or few-branched above, strigulose. Lower leaves mostly withered by anthesis; blades commonly 2 - 8 cm long, multipartite, each division pinnately laciniate into 1 - 2 mm wide lobes, subglabrous above, somewhat strigulose beneath; petioles up to 5 cm long dilated at base; middle cauline leaves several, short-petioled to subsessile. Inflorescences lax corymbose racemes, strigulose; terminal branch about 8-flowered; lateral branches with fewer flowers; bracts linear, sub-setaceous, up to 5 mm long; pedicels divergent with more or less recurved tip, mostly 1 - 2 cm long; bracteoles 2 - 3 mm long, placed below the middle on the pedicel. Sepals reddish violet to blue, somewhat strigulose; upper sepal ovate, obtuse, ca 10 x 5 mm; spur ca 13 mm long, ca 3 mm wide at base, straight, blunt; lateral sepals oblong, obtuse, ca 10 x 6 mm; lower sepals rounded, 10 - 11 mm long, ca 6 mm wide. Upper petals oblique, 8 - 9 mm long, toothed at apex; spur ca 13 mm long; lower petals ca 5 mm long, bearded, obovate, divided for about 3 mm; claw ca 5 mm long. Stamens 5 - 6 mm long, glabrous; anthers dark, ca 1 mm long. Follicles 3, densely strigulose.

Fl. & Fr. June - July.

Distrib. India: Himachal Pradesh.


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