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Ternstroemia Mutis ex L.f ., nom. cons.

Evergreen, glabrous trees or shrubs. Leaves pseudo-verticillate at apices of branchlets or subopposite, coriaceous, entire or crenate-serrate. Flowers axillary or extra axillary, solitary or in fascicles, unisexual, sometimes bisexual, nodding, subtended by two bracteoles at base of calyx. Sepals 5, unequal, persistent. Petals 5, connate at the base. Stamens many, epipetalous; anthers glabrous. Ovary 2 - 3-loculed, ovules 2 in each locule, rarely 1 or 3 - 6, pendulous; styles simple, subsessile, often absent; stigmas 2 - 3-lobed or subentire. Berries fleshy or corky, indehiscent. Seeds 1 - 2 or more, oblong, embryo horse-shoe-shaped, endosperm evanescent.

In C. America, C. and S.E. Asia, ca 166 species; 2 in India.


1a. Leaves 4 - 8 x 1.5 - 3.5 cm, veins obscure; flowers ca 1.2 cm across; yellow or yellowish-white; anthers apiculate; berries ca 2 1. Ternstroemia gymnanthera
b. Leaves 10.5 - 17.5 x 4 - 7 cm, veins distinct; flowers ca 3 cm across; anthers truncate; berries ca 3.5 cm across 2. Ternstroemia wallichiana

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