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Saurauia Willd., orth. et nom. cons.

Shrubs or trees; young stems and branchlets usually brown with tubercular dots and scales. Leaves approximate at ends of branchlets, alternate, simple, mostly serrate with prominent parallel veins diverging from midrib, often with hairs and scales, exstipulate. Flowers axillary, solitary or in cymes or lateral panicles, bisexual, hypogynous, bracteate. Sepals 5, free, imbricate, persistent. Petals 5, free or connate at base, imbricate. Stamens many, adnate to the base of petals; anthers versatile dehiscing through apical pores or short slits. Ovary superior, 3 - 5-locular, ovules numerous in axile placentation; styles 3 - 5, free or variously united, sometimes completely so; stigmas simple. Fruit a berry, globose, rarely dry and subdehiscent. Seeds small, numerous, albuminous.

Tropical and subtropical America, Asia and a few in Australi, ca 300 species; 8 in India.


1a. Flowers solitary or clustered, more or less sessile 1. Saurauia armata
b. Flowers in cymes or panicles, pedicels distinct 2
2a. Bracts ca 2 x 0.8 cm, oblong; sepals with scales 2. Saurauia bracteosa
b. Bracts 1 - 10 x 0.5 - 4 mm, ovate to elliptic-lanceolate, sepals without scales 3
3a. Panicles 15 - 30 cm long 4
b. Cymes less than 10 cm long 5
4a. Sepals glabrous or sparsely pubescent; young stems and petioles covered with rusty tomentum and pointed scales 6. Saurauia napaulensis
b. Sepals densely pubescent outside; young stems and petioles covered with rusty tomentum but without scales 4. Saurauia griffithii
5a. Mature leaves glabrous beneath 8. Saurauia roxburghii
b. Mature leaves densely rusty puberulous beneath 6
6a. Young stems and petioles covered with dense stiff brownish or black hairs; leaves narrowly lanceolate to elliptic-lanceolate 5. Saurauia macrotricha
b. Young stems and petioles covered with rusty tomentum and scattered adpressed scales; leaves elliptic, obovate or oblanceolate 7
7a. Peduncles and pedicels glabrous; bracts narrowly lanceolate to deltoid, ca 1 mm long 3. Saurauia fasciculata
b. Peduncles and pedicels covered with scales and hairs; bracts elliptic, 4 - 6 mm long 7. Saurauia punduana

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