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Arabis tenuirostris O. Schulz in Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin 9: 1066. 1927.

Herbs, biennial up to 30 cm high, much-branched with simple or forked hairs. Basal leaves obovate-spathulate, narrowed at base, coarsely 2 - 4-dentate or lobate, obtuse at apex, ca 3.5 cm long; cauline leaves much narrower, linear, obtuse; lower ones remotely 2 - 3-dentate, hairy; upper ones entire, glabrous. Racemes 8 - 20-flowered. Flowers ca 3 mm across. Sepals oblong, ca 2 mm long. Petals obovate, cuneate, ca 5 mm long, white or pale-lilac. Seeds 20 - 30 in each locule.

Fl. & Fr. June - July.

Distrib. India: Jammu & Kashmir.


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