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Barbaraea R. Br., nom. cons.

Herbs, biennial or perennial; stems erect, branched, angular, glabrous or with sparse simple bairs. Basal leaves rosulate, lyrately pinnatifid or entire, petiolate; cauline leaves amplexicaul, entire or irregularly sinuate-dentate to pinnatifid. Racemes lax in fruit. Flowers yellow, ebracteate. Sepals suberect, often saccate at base; inner sepals not pouched at base. Petals spathulate, clawed, yellow, longer than sepals. Stamens 6. Ovary linear to oblong-linear, many-ovuled; style short with subretuse stigma. Fruits linear, compressed, 4-angled, many-seeded; valves with prominent midribs. Seeds small, 1-seriate, ca 10, ovoid.

Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia; about 15 species, 3 in India.


1a. Cauline leaves deeply 2 - 5-jugate 2. Barbaraea intermedia
b. Cauline leaves entire or sinuate lobed or closely toothed 2
2a. Pedicels 10 - 15 mm long; style persistent 1. Barbaraea elata
b. Pedicels 5 - 9 mm long; style caducous 3. Barbaraea vulgaris

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