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Dipterocarpus bourdilloni Brandis in Hook., Icon. Pl. 5(1): t. 2403. 1895; in J. Linn. Soc. 31: 34. 1895 & Indian Trees 66. 1906.

Mal.: Kar angili Kalpine, Charatta-anjili; Tam.: Karanjili.

Evergreen trees, ca 50 m tall; trunk straight, ca 1.7 m in girth; bark light coloured; wood reddish-brown, hard. Leaves 20 - 30 x 12 - 17 cm, ovate or elliptic, shortly acuminate, long hairy especially on the nerves beneath, sometimes intermixed with a few short, stellate hairs; petioles 4 - 5 cm long. Flowers white, ca 5 cm long and ca 3.8 an across, 3 - 5 in racemes. Calyx tubular, obconical, broadly 5-winged; lobes linear; tube of fruiting calyx ca 3.8 cm long. Stamens 30; anthers hastate, locules subequal, connective nearly as long as anthers, produced above. Fruit ca 3.5 cm long, globose or obovoid; wings purplish-brown, two longer ones 10 - 12 x 1.9 cm.

Fl. Jan. - March; Fr. April- June.

Distrib. India: usually occur along the sides of streams in tropical evergreen forests of Western Ghats up to 600 m. Kerala.


Notes. A magnificient evergreen tree species endemic to Western ghats. This species is closely allied to D. insignis Thwaites of Sri Lanka but can be easily distinguished it by its elliptic, shortly acuminate leaves having long hairs especially on nerves beneath and longer petioles.

Wood used in the manufacture of plywood, for house building purposes and in match industry.


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