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Dipterocarpus mannii King ex Kanjilal, et al., Fl. Assam 1: 133. 1934.

Asm.: Hollong, Holong.

Trees, ca 50 m tall; bole ca 6.5 m in girth, cylindrical; branchlets terete, softly grey velvety pubescent. Leaves 17.5 - 30 x 10 - 17.5 cm, elliptic, ovate or oblong, rounded or slightly cordate at base, shortly acuminate at apex, repand or shallowly crenate, glabrate except for sparsely hairy midrib above, softly stellate-pubescent on nerves beneath; lateral nerves 16 - 22 pairs, prominent beneath; petioles 3.3 - 5 cm long, rather stout, stellate-pubescent; stipules 10 - 13.8 x 1.8 cm, lanceolate, silky stellate-pubescent outside, glabrous inside. Flowers subsessile, 2 - 5 in ca 7.5 cm long, axillary panicles. Calyx tube 1.3 cm long and almost as broad at mouth, silky inside; smaller lobes broadly triangular with a thin, recurved margin; larger lobes ca 18 x 4 mm, brown felted. Petals ca 5.5 x 1.3 cm, oblanceolate or strap-shaped, membranous, tufted pubescent on exposed parts outside, sparsely puberulous inside. Stamens 25; filaments ca 3 mm long, dilated; Connective elongated into a bristle-like appendage. Ovary ca 4 mm in diam., globose, brown silky, tapering into 1.2 cm long style, clothed with silky hairs. Fruits ca 3.8 cm long and ca 3.2 cm in diam., densely silky outside; fruiting calyx globose with a somewhat constricted neck, smaller calyx lobes ca 2 cm long, globose, erect, with recurved margins, larger lobes 17 - 23 x 2.7 - 4.3 cm, longitudinally 3-nerved with distinct reticulations.

Fl. June - July; Fr. July - Aug.

Distrib. India: In hilly areas and tableland. Assam (Sibsagar and Lakhimpur districts); rare.


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