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Ranunculus natans C. Meyer in Ledeb. Fl. Alt. 2: 315. 1830. R. hyperboreus Rottb. var. natans (C. Meyer) Regel in Bull. Sci. Nat. Mosc. 34: 43.1861; Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 18. 1872.

Herbs, aquatic, floating; stems branched, prostrate, rooting at nodes. Leaves petiolate, reniform, broadly 3 to 5-lobate; lobes rounded at apex; all leaves with 2 scarlous auricles at base. Flowers ca 1 cm across, yellow. Sepals 5, deciduous. Petals 5, slightly longer than sepals. Receptacle glabrous. Achenes glabrous.

Fl. & Fr. June-July.

Distrib. lndia: W. Himalayas. Jammu & Kashmir.

Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, China, Mangolia and Russia (Siberia).

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