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Ranunculus sardosus Crantz, Strip. Austr. 2: 84. 1763; Mukherjee & Sinha in Bull. Bot. Surv. India 20: 158, f. 1. 1978.

Herbs, annual, pubescent, 10 - 45 cm high; rootstock corm-like, feebly developed; roots not fleshy. Basal leaves 3-partite; middle lobes abruptly contracted into a stalk, all variously dentate and lobed; petioles 3 - 6 cm long. Lower cauline leaves resembling the basal, but smaller; upper cauline leaves sessile with linear-lanceolate lobes. Flowers 1.2 - 2.5 cm across. Petals pale yellow. Achenes 2.5 - 3 mm long, minutely punctate with small obtuse tubercles near the margins, or sometimes smooth; beak ca 0.5 mm long, curved upwards.

Fl. & Fr. March - Aug.

Distrib. India: West Bengal (Howrah).


Notes. The herb when eaten in excess by cattle may prove fatal (Kumar & Naqshi in J. Boon. Tax. Bot. 14: 72. 1990).

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