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Phaeonychium albiflorum (T. Anderson) Jafri in Fl. W. Pakistan 55: 162. 1973. Cheiranthus albifloros T. Anderson in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 1: 133. 1872. Ermania albiflora (T. Anderson) O. Schulz in Bot. Jahrb. 66: 98. 1933. Christolea albiflora (T. Anderson) Jafri in Notes R. Bot. Gard. Edinb. 22: 52. 1955.

Herbs, minutely tomentose, hoary, up to 8 cm high. Basal leaves linear-lanceolate or subspathulate, entire or sub-lobed, 1 - 2 cm long, ca 3 mm broad; cauline ones linear-lanceolate, entire or rarely toothed. Racemes 10 - 12-flowered. Flowers white, ca 5 mm across; pedicels ca 5 mm long in fruit. Sepals linear, ca 2 mm long, tomentose. Petals spathulate, obtuse or slightly retuse at apex, ca 7 mm long. Stamens ca 3 mm long. Style short, glabrous, with sub-bilobed stigma. Fruits ca 5 mm long when young, densely pubescent.

Fl. & Fr. June - July.

Distrib. India: 3600 - 5300 m. Jammu & Kashmir.

China (W. Tibet).

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