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Ranunculus trilobatus Desf., Fl. Atlant. 1: 437, t. 113. 1798; Som Deva & Naithani in Indian J. For. 7: 337 - 388, ff. A - G. 1984 (non D. Don, 1825).

Herbs, annual, 5 - 25 cm high; roots fibrous to slightly thick, not tuberous; stems erect, not creeping, rooting at nodes, slightly hairy to almost glabrous. Leaves mostly crowded at the base; the lowest simple, the next 3-partite; segments simple, cuneate-obovate, dentate; the upper with more numerous linear-oblong lobes. Flowers 10 - 15 mm across, yellow. Sepals obovate, 5 - 7 mm long. Petals as long as sepals; nectary at base covered by a flap, which is more or less free laterally. Receptacle pubescent. Achenes strongly compressed with numerous small tubercles, ca 2 mm long; beak short, triangular.

Fl. & Fr. June - Aug.

Distrib. India: W. Himalayas, ca 1125 m. Uttar Pradesh (Baijnath in Almora).

Mediterranean regions in Greece, Albania, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain.

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