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Vateria macrocarpa B. L. Gupta in Ind. For. 55: 231, t. 2. 1929.

Trees, ca 8 - 10 m tall; trunk ca 3 m in girth ; bark dark grey, smooth. Leaves ca 40 x 20 cm, elliptic-oblong or oblong-lanceolate, rounded or subcordate at base, entire, coriaceous, glabrous on both surfaces, rarely with a few stellate hairs at the base on midrib beneath; lateral nerves prominent below; petioles 2.5 - 6 cm long, swollen at tip, minutely pubescent. Flowers ca 3.3 cm across, in axillary, hoary stellate-pubescent panicles; pedicels 1.5 - 2.4 cm long, jointed a little below the middle. Calyx lobes ca 3 mm long. Corolla lobes ca 1.5 cm long. Staminal filaments ca 2 mm.long; anthers linear, glabrous. Ovary 3-loculed, densely tementose; styles slightly longer than stamens. Capsules ca 11 x 6 cm, splitting from the top downwards at maturity into three 1-seeded valves; fruiting calyx lobes reflexed.

Fl. March; Fr. June.

Distrib. India: Kerala (Muthikulam, Bolampatty range).


Notes. Wood is reported to have been put to more or less the same use as that of Vateria indica L.


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