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Thalictrum minus L., Sp. Pl. 546. 1753; Hook. f. & Thomson in Fl. Brit. India 1: 14. 1872.

Herbs, up to 1 m high, glabrous or glandulose. Leaves ternately decompound, pinnate, sheathing at base; stipels absent; leaflets very variable, ovate or somewhat obovate and cuneate at base, trilobed or trifid. Panicles much branched, leafless. Flowers purplish, bracteate, pendulous. Filaments filiform; anthers apiculate. Achenes 6 - 8, sessile, ribbed; stylar beak oblong, broad at base, oblique.

Notes. highly variable species; the typical European form has not been recorded from India but the following two varieties are generally recognised, though some author, prefer to merge them in the species. The variety majus has also been treated at the subspecific level by some.


1a. Leaflets 5-lobed at tip 10.1. elatum
b. Leaflets 3-lobed at tip 10.2. majus

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