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1a. Seeds 2 or more in each mericarp 2
b. Seeds one in each mericarp 5
2a. Epicalyx segments absent 3
b. Bpicalyx segments present 4. Modiola
3a. Carpels 1-locular, ovules 2 or more in each locule; flowers solitary, axillary, rarely in panicles 4
b. Carpels more or less divided into 2 superposed locules, ovules 3 in each locule flowers in lax panielas 6. Wissadula
4a. stems erect stout carpels slightly inflated or not; mericarps more or less pointed, mucronate or aristate at apex, wall of mericarps thick 1. Abutilon
b. Stems ascending. weak; carpels prominently inflated at maturity; mericarps rounded at apex, wall of mericarps thin and papery 2. Herissantia
5a. Epicalyx present 3. Malvastrum
b. Epicalyx absent 6
6a. Lateral walls of meriearp persistent or disintegrate after maturity; leaves ovate to orbicular, lanceolata or linear 5. Sida
b. Lateral walls of mericarp disintegrate before maturity; leaves hastate 0. Anoda

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