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Annuals, erect, branched, hairy to subglabrous. Leaves lyrate-pinnate, dentate or rarely pinnatisect, lower shortly stalked, upper subsessile or sessile. Racemes corymbose, becoming lax and elongated in fruit. Flowers often large, yellow, purple, or pink-white; pedicels often elongated and pendulous in fruit. Sepals oblong, erect,spreading, subequal. Petals broadly obovate, shortly clawed or not, subemarginate at apex. Stamens 6; filaments free, linear; anthers oblong, subacute, yellow. Ovary subcylindrical, many-ovuled; style short; stigma more or less 2-lobed. Fruits siliculae, slender, oblong or linear, compressed, erect or pendulous; shortly beaked. Seeds numerous, biseriate, ovoid or ellipsoid, light brown.

Mostly in Central Europe, Mediterranean region and Western and Central Asia; 19 species, 2 in India.


1a. Flowers purplish to white 1. Diplotaxis griffithii
b. Flowers yellow 2. Diplotaxis muralis

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