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Hiptage Gaertner

Climbing shrubs. Leaves opposite, entire, coriaceous; stipules minute, gland-like or absent. Racemes terminal and axillary, sometimes branched; peduncles bracteate, articulate with 2-bracteate pedicels. Calyx 5-partite with one large gland partly adnate to pedicel. Petals 5, clawed, unequal, silky, white, fragrant, fifth petal discoloured. Stamens 10, declinate, all fertile, one much longer than rest; filaments connate at base. Ovary 3-lobed; styles 1 - 2, filiform, circinate when young; stigma capitellate. Samaras 1 - 3, 2 - 3-winged; seeds subglobose; cotyledons unequal, curved, thick.

W. China, subtropical Asia, Taiwan, Malay and Pacific islands; ca 30 species, 9 species in India.


1a. Inflorescence white appressed-pubescent (softly tomentose or silky-white woolly) 2
b. Inflorescence rusty- or flavid-tomentose 6
2a. Branches. elongate, twiggy; leaves 5.5-8.5 x 1.5-3.7 cm; racence 4-16-flowered 3
b. Branches stout; leaves 9-21 x 4-9 cm; racemes 10-30-flowered 5
3a. Leavel linear-elliptic, Mortly acuminate at apex; petioles 3-4 mm long 4. Hiptage jacobsii
b. Leaves ovate-oblong or ovate-elliptic, acuminate or acute at apex; petioles more than 5 mm long 4
4a. Leaves long acuminate at apex; pedicels articulate above middle; calyx-lobes greenish, tomentose; glands ovoid 7. Hiptage parvifolia
b. Leavea acute or obtuse at apex; pedicela articulate at middle; calyx-lobes red, glabrous; glands oblanceo- late 9. Hiptage thothathrii
5a. Leaves long-acuminate at apex;glands ca 4.5 x 2 mm; median wings of smaras 40-60 x 10-15 mm 2. Hiptage benghalensis
b. Leaves abruptly shortly and obtusely acuminate at apex; glands ca 2 x 0.75 mm; median wings of samaras ca 13 x 3 mm 6. Hiptage obtusifolia
6a. Trees; leaves flavid-tomentose on both surfaces when young, glabrous above when old 3. Hiptage candicans
b. Dense bushy shrubs or Climbers; leaves glabrous and glossy on both surfaces. 7
7a. Foliar glands deeply placed on intrastaminal nervules; racemes fascicled 1. Hiptage acuminata
b. Foliar glands absent; racemes not faleacled 8
8a. Leaves ovate, abruptly acute or retuse at apex, tomentose above when young; sparsely pubescent on nerves beneath when old; calyx glands circular 5. Hiptage nayarii
b. Leaves oblong, elliptic-ovate, acuminate at apex, glabrous; calycinal glands oblong 8. Hiptage sericea

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