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Byrsonima L.C. Rich. ex H.B.K.

Trees or shrubs, often climbing. Leaves opposite, entire, eglandular; stipules often connate into one, axillary, rarely 2-lobed or free. Flowers bisexual, in terminal racemes. Calyx 5-partite,mostly glandular. Petals clawed, glabrous; claw reflexed; limb concave. Stamens 10, all perfect; filaments short, connate at base or almost free; anthers oblong or subulate. Stigmas acute. Drupes 3-locular; endocarp bony or woody, angular outside; seeds subglobose; embryo circinate; cotyledons linear, terete.

Tropical America, ca 100 species, 2 species grown in India.


1a. Leaves spathulate-obovate, less than 7 x 2.5 cm; flowers pinkish 2. Byrsonima lucida
b. Leaves elliptic, ovate or lanceolate, 8-18 x 4-5 cm; flowers yellow 1. Byrsonima crassifolia

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