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Climbing shrubs. Leaves mostly opposite, entire or dentate, rarely lobed; petioles 2-glandular at apex; stipules minute. Coryrnbs umbel-like, axillary or terminal; pedicels minutely bracteate at base, articulate and 2-bracteolate below middle, thickened and bent at apex when young. Calyx 5-partite, 8-glandular. Petals clawed, unequal, glabrous. Stamens 10, unequal, 6 perfect, 4 antherless or deformed; filaments connate at base, glabrous; anthers broadly oblong, unappendaged, glabrous or setulose at apex. Ovary 3-lobed, 3-locular; lobes gibbous on back; styles 3, free; stigmas produced into a foliaceous globose or hooked appendage. Samaras 1-3, extended at apex into oblique wing, often crested at sides; seeds subglobose; cotyledons thick, often unequal, one folded over other.

Tropical America; ca 100 species, 2 species commonly grown in gardens in India.


1a. Leaves ovate-cordate; margins ciliate 1. Stigmaphyllon ciliatum
b. Leaves elliptic, oblong or linear; margins entire 2. Stigmaphyllon periplocifolium

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