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Climbers. Leaves opposite, entire, membranous; petioles glandular, shortly stipulate. Inflorescence terminal or lateral racemes; pedicels long, 2-bracteolate upon articulation. Flowers bisexual, actinomorphic. Calyx eglandular or with very minute glands. Petals sagittate-ovate, clawed, keeled outside, entire, glabrous, yellow. Filaments unequal, united at base, introflexed, truncately jointed at apex, 5 larger , opposite to petals; anthers linear-oblong, acute, glabrous. Ovary globose, 3-lobed, many-appendaged on back; style 1,elongate, slender; stigma minute. Samaras 3, many-winged; wings narrow, elongate, spreading stellately; seeds obovoid; cotyledons hooked.

Tropical Africa, Australia, Malesia, Philippines, Taiwdn and Vietnam; ca 40 species, 1 species cultivdted in India.

Literature. ARNES, j. (1947). Monographic die genere Tristcllateia. Mem. Mus. Hist. Nat. (Parts) n. ser. 21: 275. 330. SPRAGUE, T.A. (1910). Tristellateia australis. in Curtis. Bot. Mag. 136: pl 8334.

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