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Erophila DC., nom. cons.

Herbs, annual, small, delicate, loosely tufted; stems scapose, slender, aphyllous; scapes arising from basal rosette. Basal leaves rosulate, simple, oblong-ovate or elliptic, broadly petioled, entire, simple or furcate hairy. Flowers white, rarely pinkish, in loose corymbose racemes. Sepals erect, obovate to ovate. Petals obovate or elliptic, emarginate or deeply bifid. Stamens 6; filaments slender, free. Ovary 10 - 60-ovuled, narrowly or broadly ellipsoid, sessile, glabrous. Fruit a silicula, oblong-ellipsoid, obovoid or linear, flattened, dorsally compressed, rounded at apex; valves flat or slightly convex, 1-veined; pedicels filiform; style short or obscure; stigma flat; septum membranous. Seeds numerous, small, ovoid, biseriate in each locule; funicles filiform.

Chiefly in Mediterranean region and in various parts of Europe, W. Asia, N. Africa and Temperate N.E. America; 10 species, 1 in India.

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