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Euclidium R. Br., nom. cons.

Herbs, annual, erect or suberect, dichotomously branched, pubescent throughout with branched and unbranched hairs. Leaves simple, lanceolate to linear, more or less stalked, sinuate-dentate to almost entire. Inflorescence spicate, often arising opposite to leaves, lax and elongated in fruit; pedicels very short, erect, appressed in fruit. Sepals erecto-patent, not saccate, pubescent. Petals narrowly linear-oblong or spathulate, not clawed, slightly emarginate at apex, white. Fruit an indehiscent silicula, ovoid, 2-seeded, longitudinally 4-veined, clearly septate, beaked. Seeds one in each locule; cotyledons accumbent or obliquely incumbent in juvenile state.

Europe, C. & S. W. Asia; 2 species, both in India.


1a. Cauline leaves petioled; fruits hairy; style subulate, obliquely bent, persistent 1. Euclidium syriacum
b. Cauline leaves sessile; fruits glabrous; style cylindrical, straight, deciduous 2. Euclidium tenuissimum

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