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Neslia Desv., nom. cons.

Herbs, annual, erect, branched with simple and branched hairs. Basal leaves petiolate; cauline leaves sessile, oblong-lanceolate, auricled, amplexicaul, entire to toothed, pubescent. Racemes corymbose, ebracteate, dense in flower, elongated in fruit; flowers small, yellow; pedicels filiform, spreading or ascending, elongated in fruit. Sepals erect, not saccate. Petals entire, spathulate, about twice as long as sepals, yellow. Stamens edentate. Fruit an indehiscent latiseptate silicula, subglobose, dorsally compressed, bilocular, 1-loculed, 1-seeded, wrinkled; style distinct, jointed; stigma minute, slightly 2-lobed; seed 1, pendulous, ovoid, suborbicular, brown; cotyledons incumbent.

Europe and Asia; 2 species, 1 in India.

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