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Dilophila Thomson

Herbs, small, dwarf, biennial or perennial; branches prostrate. Leaves spathulate; basal ones densely rosulate; cauline ones often involucrate below the inflorescence. Racemes condensed, many-flowered, subumbellate, or corymbose. Flowers white, small; pedicels short, slightly thickened in fruit. Sepals equal, spreading, persistent. Petals longer than sepals. Stamens 6; filaments linear. Ovary sessile; style thick; stigma truncate. Fruit a silicula, cordate-orbicular, slightly compressed with persistent style. Seeds 2 - 4 in each locule, cotyledons incumbent.

Chiefly confined to the high mountainous regions of C. Asia, Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan and China (Tibet); 5 species, 1 in India.

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