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Herbs, annual, biennial or sometimes perennial usually glabrous and glaucous or rarely hairy. Radical leaves petiolate or sessile, attenuated into petiole; cauline leaves sessile, auriculate at base. Flowers yellow or white in corymbose panicles, ebracteate, often elongating and becoming lax in fruit; pedicels often thickened above, deflexed in fruit. Sepals suberect, equal at base. Petals shortly clawed, entire, rounded at apex, exserted. Stamens free, edentate. Stigma 2-lobed, subsessile. Fruits indehiscent, linear to suborbicular, laterally flattened, slightly to conspicuously winged, unilocular, 1-seeded; valves usually with a distinct midvein, more or less winged, glabrescent or pubescent. Seeds pendulous; cotyledons mostly incumbent.

Chiefly distributed in the Mediterranean, Saharo-Arabian and Irano-Turanian regions; about 50 species, 2 in India.


1a. Fruits rounded at both ends, ca 3 times as long as wide, central rib wide and distinctly 3-ridged 1. Isatis costata
b. Fruits tapering towards base, rounded at apex, ca 3 - 5 times as long as wide, central rib slender and simple 2. Isatis tinctoria

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