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Ureneae Benth.& Hook.f.


1a. Flowers in condenced racemes intermixed with foliaceous bracts; epicalyx absent or rarely present 20. Malachra
b. Flowers axillary, solitary or in clusters without foliaceous bracts; epicalyx always present 2
2a. Fruit berry-like, fleshy; petals auriculate 0. Malvaviscus
b. Fruit neither berry-like not fleshy; petals not auriculate 3
3a. Mericarp usually glochidiate, rarely smooth; leaves with nectaries on midrib beneath 22. Urena
b. Mericarpa muricate or with 1 - 3 retrorsely barbed awns at the apex, nerver glochidiate; leavea without nectaries 21. Pavonia

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