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Herbs or undershrubs, perennial, robust with thick fleshy root; stem with stiff crisped hairs. Leaves large, pinnately or palmately lobed. Inflorescence paniculate, increasing length in fruit. Flowers large, white or creamy yellow. Sepals equal, not saccate. Petals pink or white, obovate or oblong, entire. Stamens 6 - 16, subequal. Style very short or absent; stigma disciform, obscurely 2-lobed. Fruits large, didymous, indehiscent silicula, much-flattened, broadly winged; cotyledons accumbent.

Chiefly in C. Asia, Himalayas and China; about 7 species, 2 in India.


1a. Leaf segments entire; fruits obcordate, very deeply notched at apex; lobes obovate; wings about half as broad as the locule 1. Megacarpaea bifida
b. Leaf segments serrate or irregularly toothed; fruits suborbicular; lobes suborbicular; wings as broad as the locule 2. Megacarpaea polyandra

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