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Chorispora R. Br. ex DC., nom cons.

Herbs, annual or perennial. Stems erect, branched mostly from base; hairs branched or unbranched, glandular or sometimes egIandular. Leaves deeply pinnatifid to entire; basal leaves rosulate, petiolate; upper subsessile to sessile. Racemes lax; flowers showy. Sepals erect, the laterals slightly saccate at base. Petals spathulate, long-clawed, emarginate at apex, about twice as long as sepals, purple. Stamens 6. Ovary linear, bilocular; style long; stigma short, bilobed. Fruit an indehiscent articulated sillqua, linear, torulose or moniliform, breaking into 2-seeded segments; style at least half as long as fruit, more or less beaked. Seeds few to many, 1 in eaeh locule, cotyledons accumbent.

Chiefly distributed in Eastern mediterranean region and C. Asia; about 10 spedes, 5 in India.


1a. Annual or biennial herbs 2
b. Perennial herbs 3
2a. Flowers pink, lilac or violet; beak as long as the body of siliqua, thickened 5. Chorispora tenella
b. Flowers yellow; beak half or less than half the lenth of the body of siliqua, thin 4. Chorispora sibirica
3a. Flowers yellow; siliqua ca 10 mm long 2. Chorispora macropoda
b. Flowers pink or violet; siliqua 15 - 30 mm long 4
4a. Flowering stem short or absent; pedicels up to 30 mm long in fruit; petals 14 - 16 mm long 1. Chorispora bungeana
b. Flowering stem conspicuously present; pedicels up to 15 mm long in fruit; petals 6 - 10 mm 3. Chorispora sabulosa

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