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Matthiola R. Br., nom. cons.

Herbs or often small undershrubs, annual or perennial, hoary or stellate pubescent, rarely glandular or subglabrous. Leaves entire or sinuate; basal leaves petioled; upper ones sessile or shortly petioled. Racemes lax, ebracteate. Flowers white or purple, large; bracts absent; pedicels erect or ascending. Sepals erect, inner ones saccate at base. Petals long-clawed, linear, spreading, purple, white or yellowish. Stamens 6. Ovary oblong, many-ovuled; stigma of 2 erect connivent lobes. Fruits cylindric or flattened; valves 1-veined; style absent. Seeds 1-seriate, flattened with broad membranous wing.

S.W. Asia, Europe and South Africa; about 60 species, 2 cultivated in India.


1a. Leaves sinuate or pinnatisect; flowers 5 - 8 mm across 1. Matthiola flavida
b. Leaves entire; flowers ca 15 mm across 2. Matthiola incana

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