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Parrya R. Br., sensu lato

Herbs, perennial, tufted; rootstock thick; hairs unbranched, sometimes glandular. Basal leaves rosulate, linear or spathulate, entire, pinnatifid or sinuate-dentate, often stalked with sheathing bases. Scapes 1-many-flowered, usually leafless. Flowers large, white or purple. Sepals erect, inner saccate at base. Petals spathulate, clawed, white or purplish. Stamens usually 6; anthers linear, oblong. Ovary linear, many-ovuled; style with bilobed, erect stigmas. Fruit a siliqua linear-oblong, compressed or much flattened; valves with distinct median vein; style very short; stigma 2-lobed. Seeds 1 - 2-seriate, compressed, winged.

Mostly in Central Asia; about 30 species, 5 in India.


1a. Leaves entire 5. Parrya platycarpa
b. Leaves pinnatisect, irregularly toothed or pinnatifid 2
2a. Flowers ca 2 cm across 3
b. Flowers up to 1 cm across 4
3a. Scapes 1-flowered 2. Parrya exscapa
b. Scapes many-flowered 4. Parrya nudicaulis
4a. Leaves deeply pinnatisect; lobes narrowly oblong 1. Parrya chitralensis
b. Leaves pinnatifid to subpinnatisect; lobes triangular 3. Parrya minjanensis

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