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C.L. Malhotra

Herbs, perennial, glandular, occasionally stemless with tuberous rhizomes. Leaves pinnate or paripinnate or sect; stipules usually much divided. Flowers in racemes or panicles. Sepals 5, imbricate. Petals 5, often denticulate at apex, imbricate. Stamens 10; filaments united into a ring at base with 5 alternipetalous glands. Ovary deeply 5-lobed, 5-locular; styles 5, connate above to form a capitate stigma, gynobasic, arising from base of lobes. Fruit of 5 indehiscent 1-seeded carpels separating from axis.

Allied to the Geraniaceae from which they differ in having flowers in spikes or racemes, stamens 10, stigma united, capitate, style gynobasic and fruits nor beaked.

S.E. Europe to C. Asia and the Himalayas; one genus and 5 species; one species in India.

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