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Herbs, annual, biennial or perennial, erect or suberect, branched from base. usually densely simple or branched hairy. Radical leaves usually rosulate, often petiolate, narrowed at base, rarely auriculate, ovate-oblong, entire or toothed; cauline leaves often sagittate, entire or toothed. Racemes elongate, usually bracteate at base, lax in fruit. Flowers white, purple or rose-coloured. Sepals spreading. Petals obovate or spathulate, rounded, almost twice as long as sepals, pink, white or purple. Stamens usually 6. Lateral nectar glands usually annular or semiannular; middle often torulose. Ovary linear, many-ovuled; stigma depressed. Fruits linear, often curved, compressed of terete, glabrous or hairy; valves usually weakly 1-nerved. Seeds few to many, 1 - 2 -seriate.

Mainly Asian; about 15 species, 9 in India.


1a. Cauline leaves cuneate at base 2
b. Cauline leaves usually sagittate-amplexicaul or broad at base 5
2a. Fruits usually 0.5 - 1.5 cm long 8. Arabidopsis thaliana
b. Fruits usually 4 - 8 cm long 3
3a. Flowers ca 3 mm across 9. Arabidopsis wallichii
b. Flowers ca 5 mm across 4
4a. Basal leaves not rosulate; fruits blunt at apex with subsessile stigma 5. Arabidopsis russelliana
b. Basal leaves rosulate fruits acute at apex with ca 2 mm long style 7. Arabidopsis taraxacifolia
5a. Flowers yellow 4. Arabidospsis pumila
b. Flowers white or pink 6
6a. Racemes bracteate mostly up to the apex 1. Arabidopsis himalaica
b. Racemes ebracteate or rarely few bracteate below 7
7a. Fruits densely pubescent 2. Arabidopsis lasiocarpa
b. Fruits glabrous 8
8a. Cauline leaves sagittate-amplexicaul at base 3. Arabidopsis mollissima
b. Cauline leaves narrowed at base 6. Arabidopsis stricta

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