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Erodium tibetanum Edgew. & Hook.f., in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 1: 434. 1874.

Annuals, hoary, stemless. Leaves oblong-ovate, more or less inciso crenate, 3-fid, velvety beneath; stipules obovate, cuneate, obtuse, not awned, scarious, ciliate. Peduncles shorter than leaves, 2-or more-flowered; bracts ciliate. Sepals pubescent with a small knob in place of a mucro. Petals elliptic, longer than sepals. Ovary silky, stipitate, not pitted, with stiff white hairs, split on back. Beak 17 - 25 mm long, 3 - 4 times the length of cell, rough on outer side, on inner side with long brown hairs and a few setae, hairy at apex.

Fl. & Fr. Aug. - Sept.

Distrib. India: Kashmir (Ladakh).

W. Tibet.


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