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Guillenia E. Greene

Herbs, annual, erect or prostrate, branched, hairy. Leaves usually basal, lyrate-pinnate or deeply dissected; cauline, if present, few, variable. Racemes few-flowered, bracteate, lax in fruit. Flowers small, white or pinkish; pedicels usually elongated. Sepals suberect, not pouched. Petals usually longer than sepals. Nectar glands minute. Ovary cylindrical with 10 - 40 ovules. Fruits linear, on slender curved pedicels; valves weakly 1-nerved, subconvex; style short, slender; stigma short. Seeds numerous, uniseriate.

Himalayas to Central Asia; 4 species, all in India.


1a. Plants diffuse; branches 7.5 - 15 cm long 1. Guillenia axillare
b. Plants erect, 10 - 100 cm high 2
2a. Pods 1.2 - 1.5 cm long 4. Guillenia minutiflorum
b. Pods 3.5 - 6 cm long 3
3a. Pods ca 3.5 cm long 2. Guillenia duthiei
b. Pods 4 - 6 cm long 3. Guillenia flaccidum

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