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Herbs, annual, slender, flexuous, subspreading, prostrate, glabrous, or with simple hairs. Leaves deeply trilobed or tripartite, upper ones sometimes entire. Flowers axillary, solitary or few in bracteate racemes, blue, pinkish or white; pedicels thin, flexuous, elongated in fruit. Sepals ovate, equal; inner sepals pouched or saccate at base, cocbleate at apex. Petals showy, purplish, usually twice as long as sepals. Stamens 6, equal, straight; filaments somewhat winged; anthers ovate. Lateral glands semilunar, eacircling the base of stamens, converging with transverse glands. Ovary ovoid, shortly stipitate, 1-locular, 2 - 8-ovuled; style short, reflexed, slightly dilated at apex. Fruits ellipsoid to oblong-ellipsoid, subterete, more or less falcate or crowned with reflexed style, glabrous; valves convex, membranous; septum absent or rudimentary. Seeds (-1) 2 - 5, 1-seriate, oblong-ovoid; cotyledons accumbent.

Himalayas in between 3000 and 4700 m, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India; 2 Species, both in India.


1a. Leaves petiolate, 15 - 2 mm broad; pedicels 10 - 15 mm long in fruit; petals ca 4 mm long 1. Lignariella hobsonii
b. Leaves sessile or subsessile, 2 - 8 mm broad; pedicels 6 - 10 mm long in fruit; petals 2.5 - 3 mm long 2. Lignariella obscura

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