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Torularia (Coss.) O. Schulz

Herbs, annual or perennial, hairy with shortly stalked 2-branched and simple hairs. Leaves pinnatifid or toothed, rarely entire; basal ones rosulate; cauline petioled or sessile. Racemes bracteate, lax in fruit. Flowers small, violet, pink or white; pedicels short, often thickened. Sepals erect or spreading, inner pair not pouched at base. Petals almost twice as long as sepals, spathulate, or obovate. Stamens 6. Lateral nectar glands in pairs, semiglobose or ovoid, free or connate at base; middle glands absent. Ovary linear to cylindrical, sessile. Fruits subcylindrical or subterete, bilocular, often torulose and variously curved, usually hairy; styles short. Seeds 1-seriate.

Mostly Asian; about 15 species, 1 in India.

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