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Herbs, annual or perennial, terrestrial or occasionally epiphytic, growing in moist, often shaded places. Leaves simple, spirally arranged, alternate or opposite or in verticils, or all radical, exstipulate or with stipular glands at base of petiole. Flowers zygomorphic, resupinate, in axillary racemes or umbels, or solitary or sometimes scapose. Sepals 3, rarely 5, coloured, imbricate. Lateral sepals small, flat, usually green. Lip large, petaloid, often spurred. Petals 3 or 5. Anterior standard erect. Lateral ones (wings) entire or 2 - 3-lobed, sometimes with a short or long and slender dorsal auricle. Stamens 5; filaments short and broad; anthers cohering. Ovary oblong, 5-celled; ovules many, 1-seriate in each cell; stigma sessile, 5-toothed. Capsules short or long, loculicidally dehiscent; valves 5, elastically springing away from a placentiferous axis; seeds smooth or tubercled, glabrous or hairy; albumen absent.

Scattered throughout wet tropical and subtropical regions (especially montane forests) of Asia and Africa, a few species in temperate regions of Asia, Europe and N. America; about 900 species, ca 240 in India.

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1a. Plants scapigerous; leaves radical 2
b. Plants not scapigerous; leaves cauline 17
2a. Leaves palmately 3 - 9-lobed 26. Impatiens chandrasekharanii
b. Leaves not lobed 3
3a. Wings 2-lobed 4
b. Wings 3-lobed 6
4a. Flowers white or cream-coloured 126. Impatiens neo-barnesii
b. Flowers deep pink, mauve, 5
5a. Lip spurred; flowers deep pink or mauve 1. Impatiens acaulis
b. Lip not spurred; flowers reddish-brown or pale-brown 133. Impatiens orchioides
6a. Dorsal auricle of wings produced into spur of lip 7
b. Dorsal auricle of wings not produced into spur of lip 9
7a. Dorsal auricle of wings spiniferous 96. Impatiens lawsonii
b. Dorsal auricle of winga long and slender 8
8a. Leave a ovate, cordate and deeply two-lobed at base; spur of lip long 45. Impatiens denisonii
b. Leave. orbicular, not cordate or deeply two-lobed at base; lopur of lip short 16. Impatiens barberi
9a. Standard crenate 37. Impatiens crenata
b. Standard not crenate 10
10a. Lip spurless 137. Impatiens pandata
b. Lip spurred 11
11a. Lobe. of wings subequal 12
b. Lobes of wings clearly unequal 13
12a. Terrestrial plants; spur ca 1 cm long, incurved, flat at apex; lateral sepals obliquely ovate 30. Impatiens clavicornu
b. Epiphytes; spur very ahort, straight, obtuse at apex; lateral sepals ovate 121. Impatiens modesta
13a. Spur of lip more than 1 cm long 14
b. Spur of lip less than 1 cm long 15
14a. Spur of lip atleast 2.5 cm long; flowers deep pink; leaves not pendulous; terrestrial plants 164. Impatiens scapiflora
b. Spur of lip 1 -1.5 cm long; flowers white; leave. pendulous; epiphytes 44. Impatiens dendricola
15a. Leaves acute at base; spur of lip ca 5 mm long; dorsal auricle prominent, ca 4 mm long; capsules ovoid 5. Impatiens agumbeana
b. Leaves cordate at base; dorsal auricle obacure; capsules ellipsoid 16
16a. Bracts ovate or sub orbicular, not semiamplexicaulous spesies 1-2 128. Impatiens nilgirica
b. Bracts oblong, semiamplexicaulous; spaces solitary 92. Impatiens laticornis
17a. Plants epiphytic 18
b. Plants terrestrial 22
18a. Wings 3-lobed 89. Impatiens kulamavuensis
b. Wings 2-lobed 19
19a. Flowers completely green 198. Impatiens viridiflora
b. Flowes not completely green; floral parts varioully coloured 20
20a. Wings purple 13. Impatiens auriculata
b. Wings yellow 21
21a. Lateral sepals elliptic; capaules ellipsoid 81. Impatiens jerdoniae
b. Lateral sepals linear capsules gibbous 139. Impatiens parasitica
22a. Standard bigger than all other petals and sepals, ca 2.5 cm across 196. Impatiens vexillaria
b. Standard not bigger than all other petals and sepals 23
23a. Flowers epedunculate, solitary, binate or fascicled 24
b. Flowers pedunculate, in racemes, umbels or subumbels, at times solitary or binate then distinctly pedunculate with bracts (when present) in the middle 82
24a. Spur of lip absent or extremely minute 25
b. Spur of lip present and well-developed 32
25a. Leaves petiolate; petioles flattened and decurrent on stems; bottom of lip with a small pit in place of spur 122. Impatiens munnarensis
b. Leaves sessile or sub sessile or petiolate; petioles when not flattened and decurrent on stems; bottom of lip not with a small pit 26
26a. Leaves opposite 27
b. Leaves alternate 30
27a. Flowers large, ca 2 cm across 28
b. Flowers minute, less than 5 mm across 29
28a. Flowers rose-pink or purplish; standard not winged 160. Impatiens rufescens
b. Flowers yellow; standard winged 95. Impatiens lawii
29a. Leaves linear or narrowly linear-lanceolate 73. Impatiens herbicola
b. Leaves ovate or ovate-lanceolate 77. Impatiens inconspicua
30a. Plants prostrate; leaves whitish beneath 130. Impatiens occultans
b. Plants erect; leaves not whitish beneath 31
31a. Flowers ca 12 cm across, usually hairy; standard winged on back, not spurred; capsules villous; seeds tubercled 163. Impatiens scabriuscula
b. Flowers ca 0.6 cm across, glabrous; standard spurred on back; capsules glabrous; seeds not tubercled 141. Impatiens pendula
32a. Aestivation either alternate or opposite 33
b. Aestivation of different types on same plant, opposite and whorled or alternate and whorled or opposite, alternate and whorled 72
33a. Leaves all opposite 34
b. Leaves all alternate 53
34a. Spur of lip much shorter than wings 35
b. Spur of lip subequal, equal or longer than wings 43
35a. Spur of lip coiled into a ring 27. Impatiens chinensis
b. Spur of lip not coiied into a ring 36
36a. Lip minute, yellow; spur placed slightly above base of lip 156. Impatiens raziana
b. Lip well-developed; spur basal 37
37a Spur short, hooked 38
b. Spur straight or curved, not hooked 39
38a. Flowers white, standard not keeled on dorsal side; lateral sepals not ciliate; lip funnel-shaped, not hairy outside 125. Impatiens nataliae
b. Flowers pink, standard keeled on dorsal side; lateral sepals ciliate; lip saccate, hairyoutlide 180. Impatiens tomentosa
39a. Standard oblate and more or less plicate; dorsal auricle about half as long as wings, strap-shaped with the edges folding into form a tube with the base descending into spur 6. Impatiens aliciae
b. Standard not oblate or plicate, dorsal auricle absent or very small not forming a tube or descending into spur 40
40a. Wings 3-lobed 132. Impatiens oppositifolia
b. Wings 2-lobed 41
41a. Lateral sepals ovate or ovate-lanceolate 33. Impatiens concinna
b. Lateral sepals linear or linear-lanceolate 42
42a. Leaves nearly entire, flowers pink 161. Impatiens rupicola
b. Leaves distinctly serrate; flowers yellow 41. Impatiens dalzellii
43a. Leaves entire or subentire 44
b. Leaves serrate or crenate 45
44a. Leaves elliptic or oblong, glabrous 49. Impatiens diversifolia
b. Leaves linear, pubescent on both sides 71. Impatiens helferi
45a. Leaves linear or linear-elliptic 46
b. Leavea not linear or linear-elliptic 47
46a. Stems stiff, usually simple; lateral sepals linear, up to 7 mm 27. Impatiens chinensis
b. Stems not stiff, usually branched; lateral sepals lanceolate, ca 1 cm long 36. Impatiens craddockii
47a. Lateral sepals ovate 116. Impatiens masonii
b. Lateral sepals linear or linear-lanceolate 48
48a. Basal lobes of wings well-developed 49
b. Basal lobes of wings minute or absent 50
49a. Wings long atipitate; pedicels longer than leaves, glabrous; dorsal auricle of wings not decurved 99. Impatiens lenta
b. Wings subsessile or shortly stipitate; pedicels shorter than leaves, dorsal auricles of wings decurved 177. Impatiens tenella
50a. Dorsal auricle of wings present 51
b. Dorsal auricle of wing absent 52
51a. Dorsal auricle of wings filiform; lip saccate 104. Impatiens ligulata
b. Dorsal auricle of wings not filiform; lip boat-shaped 135. Impatiens pallidiflora
52a. Leaves elliptic-lanceolate; capsules ca 1.2 cm long 119. Impatiens minor
b. Leaves oblong-lanceolate; capsules ca 1.8 cm long 158. Impatiens rheedii
53a. Lateral sepals 4 54
b. Lateral sepals 2 55
54a. Flowers yellow; bracts obliquely ovate, bracts and bracteoles not twisted 9. Impatiens angustiflora
b. Flowers lilac; bracts setaceous, bracts and bracteoles twisted 11. Impatiens arguta
55a. Basal lobe of wings cuspidate on outer margins 39. Impatiens cuspidifera
b. Basal lobe of wings not cuspidate on outer margins 56
56a. Spur of lip much shorter than lip 57
b. Spur of lip equalling or longer than lip 59
57a. Spur of lip atraight; lateral sepals minute 124. Impatiens mysorensis
b. Spur of lip hooked or incurved; lateral sepals well-developed 58
58a. Standard ca 7 mm across; lateral sepals ovate, not greenish; dorsal lobe of wings semilunate or dolabri-form; spur of lip incurved 182. Impatiens trichocarpa
b. Standard ca 1.6 cm across; lateral sepals orbicular,greenish; distal lobe of wings obliquely oblong; spur of lip hooked 149. Impatiens psittacina
59a. Standard inflated, funnel-shaped 75. Impatiens humilis
b. Standard not inflated or funnel-shaped 60
60a. Lateral sepals as large as wings 123. Impatiens munronii
b. Lateral sepals smaller than wings 61
61a. Stems stout; plants shrubby 62
b. Stems slender; plants herbaceous 63
62a. Standard orbicular, 2-lobed, neither winged nor spurred; bracteate 61. Impatiens fruticosa
b. Standard suborbicular, emarginate, dorsally spurred; ebractcate 72. Impatiens henslowiana
63a. Flowers blue 2. Impatiens acmanthera
b. Flowers pink, purple or white, not blue 64
64a. Wing-lobes subequal 65
b. Wing lobes unequal, basal lobe smaller than distal one 66
65a. Spur of lip less than 1.5 cm long 42. Impatiens dasysperma
b. Spur of lip more than 1.5 cm long 56. Impatiens flaccida
66a. Basal lobe of wings subquadrate 175. Impatiens talbotii
b. Basal lobe of wings not subquadrate 67
67a. Capsules not turgid in middle, linear or narrowly fusiform 68
b. Capsules turgid in middle, ovoid, oblong or elliptic 70
68a. 150. Impatiens puberula
b. Lower surface of leaves pale greenish 69
69a. Spur of lip less than 1.5 cm long; dorsal auricle of wings prominent, more or less globular 172. Impatiens stricta
b. Spur of lip more than 1.5 cm long; dorsal auricle of wings not globular 70
70a. Lateral sepals lanceolate; flowers binate 55. Impatiens falcifer
b. Lateral sepals ovate; flowers solitary 43. Impatiens decipiens
71a. Capsules tomentose 15. Impatiens balsamina
b. Capsules glabrous 151. Impatiens pulcherrima
72a. Standard spurred on dorsal side 72
b. Standard nor spurred on dorsal side 76
73a. Basal lobe of wings equalling or larger than distal lobe 38. Impatiens cuspidata
b. Basal lobes of wings smaller than distal lobe 74
74a. Lamina decurrent on petioles 58. Impatiens floribunda
b. Lamina not decurrent on petioles 75
75a. Leaves 2.5-5 cm long; petioles short; stems reddish 103. Impatiens leschenaultii
b. Leaves 5 - 10 cm long; petioles long; stems of ten with sulphery covering 94. Impatiens latifolia
76a. Basal lobe of wings subequal or larger than diatal lobe 77
b. Basal lobe of wings much smaller than distal lobe 80
77a. Basal lobe of wings larger than dislal lobe 110. Impatiens macrocarpa
b. Basal lobe of wings equal or aubequal to diatal lobe 78
78a. Lateral sepals ciliate along margins 64. Impatiens gardeneriana
b. Lateral sepals not ciliate along margins 79
79a. Lip pubescent 31. Impatiens cochinica
b. Lip glabrous 107. Impatiens lucida
80a. Lateral sepals ciliate along margins 82. Impatiens johnii
b. Lateral sepals not ciliate along margins 81
81a. Flowers pink; lip with spur half as long as its limb 106. Impatiens longirama
b. Flowers white; lip with spur as long as its limb 117. Impatiens meeboldii
82a. Lateral sepals 4 83
b. Laleral sepals 2 93
83a. Capsules turgid in middle; wing-lobes subequall 90. Impatiens laevigata
b. Capsules linear or clavate; wing-lobes unequal 84
84a. Spur of lip hooked or twisted 105. Impatiens longipes
b. Spur of lip not hooked or twisted 85
85a. Wings 3-lobed 202. Impatiens wattii
b. Wings 2 -lobed 86
86a. Diatal lobe of wings unvenly bilobed 165. Impatiens scitula
b. Distal lobe of wings entire or rardy emarginate but not lobed 87
87a. Stems hiraute 183. Impatiens trichocladon
b. Stems not hirsute 88
88a. Balli lobe of wings triangular 89
b. Basal lobe of wings broadly oblong, rotundate or ovate, not triangular 90
89a. Distal lobe of wings orbicular, not recurved or twisted 113. Impatiens manipurensis
b. Diatallobe ofwinplinear, acute, recurved or twisted 170. Impatiens stenantha
90a. Dorsal auricle of wings absent 65. Impatiens gibbisepala
b. Dorsal auricle of wings present 91
91a. Lateral sepals wings; dorsal auricle of wing petals crest-like 129. Impatiens nummularifolia
b. Lateral sepals not winged; dorsal auricle of wings not crest-like 92
92a. Dorsal auricle of wings rotundate; standard not spurred on back 159. Impatiens rubro-lineata
b. Dorsal auricle of wings curved; standard spurred on back 120. Impatiens mishmiensis
93a. Flowers small, less than 1 cm (0.3 - 0.8 cm) 94
b. Flowers large, more than 1 cm 0. 105
94a. Donal auricle of wings filiform, extending into spur 95
b. Dorsal auricle of wings when present not filiform or extending into spur 97
95a. Stems and petioles viscid-pubescent 96
b. Stems and petioles not viscid-pubescent 68. Impatiens goughii
96a. Leaves usually oppoaite; capaules ovoid; seeda echinate 200. Impatiens viscosa
b. Leaves alternate; capsules ellipsoid; seeds hairy 199. Impatiens viscida
97a. Capsules turgid in middle 98
b. Capsules linear or clavate, not turgid in middle 99
98a. Leaves opposite 87. Impatiens kleiniformis
b. Leaves alternate 134. Impatiens pahalgamensis
99a. Bracts minute and setaceous 21. Impatiens brachycentra
b. Bracts neither minute nor setaceous 0. 100
100a. Lip not spurred 0. 101
b. Lip spurred 0. 102
101a. Standard shallowly emarginate at apex 63. Impatiens gammiei
b. Standard shortly and acutely pointed at apex 118. Impatiens minimiflora
102a. Bracts lanceolate 0. 103
b. Bracts ovate 0. 104
103a. Bracta deciduous; lateral sepals oblong 4. Impatiens aganantha
b. Bracts persistent; lateral sepals ovate 63. Impatiens gammiei
104a. Standard beaked 145. Impatiens polysciadia
b. Standard not beaked 144. Impatiens podocarpa
105a. Capsules not turgid in middle ,linear or clavate 0. 106
b. Capsules turgid in middle 0. 166
106a. Lip not spurred 0. 107
b. Lip spurred 0. 110
107a. Leaves all whorled 197. Impatiens violoides
b. Leaves not all whorled 0. 108
108a. Flowers yellow or white 166. Impatiens serrata
b. Flowers lilac or red 0. 109
109a. Petioles winged; bracts navicular, long-pointed 40. Impatiens cymbifera
b. Petioles not winged; bracts linear-lanceolate, not long-pointed 179. Impatiens thomsonii
110a. Spur of lip S-shaped 84. Impatiens kaliensis
b. Spur of lip not S-shaped 0. 111
111a. Spur of lip annular, spiral or coiled 0. 112
b. Spur of lip straight, curved or hooked, but not annular, spiral or coiled 0. 117
112a. Standard deeply emarginate to bilobed 168. Impatiens spirifer
b. Standard acute, acuminate or rounded 0. 113
113a. Distal lobe of wings coiled 105. Impatiens longipes
b. Distal lobe of wings not coiled 0. 114
114a. Standard green coloured 192. Impatiens uncipetala
b. Standard yellow, orange or white, not green-coloured 0. 115
115a. Standard with a red dorsal spur 83. Impatiens jurpia
b. Standard without a dorsal spur 0. 116
116a. Leaves and petioles pubescent; lateral sepals navicular, pubescent 108. Impatiens lutea
b. Leaves and petioles glabrous; lateral sepals ovate, obliquely elliptic or lanceolate, glabrous 167. Impatiens serratifolia
117a. Basal lobe of wings produced upwards anteriorly into decurved lobule 52. Impatiens edgeworthii
b. Basal lobe of wings not produced upward lanteriorly into decurved lobule 0. 118
118a. Base of leaves broadly amplexicaulous 7. Impatiens amplexicaulis
b. Base of leaves not broadly amplexicaulous 0. 119
119a. Leaves wine-red below 23. Impatiens bracteolata
b. Leaves greenish or whitish below 0. 120
120a. Distal lobe of wings coiled 0. 121
b. Distal lobe of wings not coiled 0. 122
121a. Lateral sepals linear-oblong with bulbous base 28. Impatiens cirrhipetala
b. Lateral sepals ovate or ovate-lanceolate without a bulbous base 105. Impatiens longipes
122a. Branchlets and spur of lip brown-furfura ceous hairy; hain longer near apex of spur 35. Impatiens cothurnoides
b. Branchlets and spur of lip not brown-furfura ceous hairy 0. 123
123a. Leaves velvety on dorsal side 62. Impatiens gamblei
b. Leaves not velvety on dorsal side 0. 124
124a. Lateral sepals transparent 187. Impatiens tropaeoliflora
b. Lateral sepals not transparent 0. 125
125a. Lateral sepals glandular on one or both margins 0. 126
b. Lateral sepals glandular on margins 0. 130
126a. Distal lobe of wings dolabriform 0. 127
b. Distal lobe of wings oblong or ovate, not dolabriform 0. 128
127a. Flowers yellow; lateral sepals lanceolate; basal lobe of wings oblong 131. Impatiens odontosepala
b. Flowers pink; lateral sepals ovate; basal lobes of wings ovate 193. Impatiens urticifolia
128a. Leaves petioled 0. 129
b. Leaves sub sessile 74. Impatiens hobsonii
129a. Flowers yellowish-white; spur of lip 0.4 - 0 .5 cm 201. Impatiens wallichii
b. Flowers purple or white; spur of lip 0.5 - 2 .5 cm 57. Impatiens flemingii
130a. Flowers rose and yellow with red nerves 0. 131
b. Flowers not as above 0. 132
131a. Racemes interrupted by whorls ofpedicels; bracts linear, 2-3 mm long; lateral sepals obliquely ovate to orbicular-obovate; leaves not membranous 18. Impatiens bicolor
b. Racemes not interrupted by whorls of pedicels; bracts ovate-lanceolate, larger; lateral sepals orbicular, aristate; leaves membranous 51. Impatiens duthiei
132a. Racemes in fascicles or whorls on peduncle 0. 133
b. Racemes not in fascicles or whorls on peduncle 0. 135
133a. Lip with an appendage at mouth 19. Impatiens bicornuta
b. Lip without an appendage at mouth 0. 134
134a. Spur of lip 25 - 3.8 cm long 69. Impatiens graciliflora
b. Spur of lip 6-12 mm long 155. Impatiens radiata
135a. Lip with an appendage at mouth 0. 136
b. Lip without an appendage at mouth 0. 140
136a. Flowers yellow 0. 137
b. Flowers white, pale pink, rose, crimson or purplish 0. 138
137a. Lateral sepals sub acute, obliquely ovate 29. Impatiens citrina
b. Lateral sepals long-awned, uncinate 50. Impatiens drepanophora
138a. Leaves opposite, ternate or whorled 0. 139
b. Leaves alternate 97. Impatiens laxiflora
139a. Petioles glandular 66. Impatiens glandulifera
b. Petioles eglandular 188. Impatiens tuberculata
140a. Distal lobe of wings toothed (2 - 4 teeth) along inner margin 14. Impatiens balfourii
b. Distal lobe of wings not toothed along inner margin 0. 141
141a. Lateral sepals lobulate at base 20. Impatiens bivittata
b. Lateral sepals not lobulate at base 0. 142
142a. Plants prostrate 148. Impatiens prostrata
b. Plants erect 0. 143
143a. Lateral sepals pubescent 0. 144
b. Lateral sepals glabrous 0. 147
144a. Lateral sepals linear 12. Impatiens asymmetrica
b. Lateral sepals lanceolate, ovate, ovate-oblong or orbicular 0. 145
145a. Basal lobe of wings triangular; standard mucronate 91. Impatiens langeana
b. Baasal lobe of wings rounded or obovate; atandard not mucronate 0. 146
146a. Flowers white; standard not spurred 157. Impatiens reidii
b. Flowers yellow; standard spurred on dorsal side 162. Impatiens scabrida
147a. Wing-lobes sub equal 0. 148
b. Wing-lobes unequal 0. 149
148a. Leaves spirally arranged; flowers 3 - 10 on peduncle 25. Impatiens cathcartii
b. Leaves alternate; flowers binate on peduncle 109. Impatiens mackeyana
149a. Lateral sepals falcate 0. 150
b. Lateral sepals not falcate 0. 152
150a. Flowers yellowish-white 153. Impatiens racemosa
b. Flowers pink or purpIe 0. 151
151a. Flowers pink; leaves oblong; lip short-spurred 80. Impatiens jaeschkei
b. Flowers purple; leaves elliptic-lanceolate; lip long-spurred 100. Impatiens leptocarpa
152a. Standard dorsally spurred or crested 0. 153
b. Standard not dorsally spurred or crested 0. 155
153a. Leavesl inear-lanceolate to narrowly elliptic 147. Impatiens prainii
b. Leaves ovate, ovate-lanceolate or ovate-elliptic 0. 154
154a. Leaves alternate; bracts lanceolate, long-acuminate, gland-tipped 47. Impatiens discolor
b. Leaves spiral; bracts linear, not gland-tipped 189. Impatiens tubifer
155a. Standard bilobed 174. Impatiens sulcata
b. Standard emarginate, entire or apiculate, not bilobed 0. 156
156a. Petioles with scutelate gland at base 67. Impatiens glauca
b. Petioles without scutelate gland at base 0. 157
157a. Leaves sessile or subsessile 0. 158
b. Leaves not sessile or subsessile 0. 159
158a. Flowers in racemes; lateral sepals ovate 79. Impatiens insignis
b. Flowers binate; lateral sepals lanceolate 55. Impatiens falcifer
159a. Wings emarginate opposite sinus of upper and lower lobes 178. Impatiens teneriflora
b. Wings not emarginate opposite sinus of upper and lower lobes 0. 160
160a. Basal lobe of wings triangular 0. 161
b. Basal lobe of wings ovate, orbicular or clliptic-oblong 0. 163
161a. Bracts linear-laneeolate 179. Impatiens thomsonii
b. Bracts ovate-lanceolate 0. 162
162a. Bracts 3-4 mm long; latcral sepals obtuse, not apiculate; winngs not with spots on sinus of upper and lower lobes 98. Impatiens lemannii
b. Bncts ca 9 mm long; lateral sepals apiculate; wings with spots on ainus of basal and distal lobes 76. Impatiens inayatii
163a. Spur less than 1 cm long 0. 164
b. Spur more than 1 cm long 0. 165
164a. Petioles and leaves finely pubescent; lateral sepals with an appendage at apex; distal lobe of wings linear 138. Impatiens pantlingii
b. Petioles and leaves glabroul; lateral sepals without appendage at apex; distal lobe of wings oblanceolate 86. Impatiens kingii
165a. Distal lobe of wings triangular 184. Impatiens trigonopteris
b. Distal lobe of wings suborbicular or transversely semiovate 136. Impatiens paludosa
166a. Stipules large tufls of soft cilis 185. Impatiens trilobata
b. Stipules Hen present not as above 0. 167
167a. Spur of lip inflated at middle and hooked at apex 191. Impatiens uncinata
b. Spur of lip not inflated at middle, hooked or not at apex 0. 168
168a. Lip not spurred 0. 169
b. Lip spurred 0. 173
169a. Lateral sepals linear 46. Impatiens depauperata
b. Lateral sepals ovate or lanceolate 0. 170
170a. Bracts very large, 1 cm or more 24. Impatiens campanulata
b. Bracts not very large, much less than 1 cm long 0. 171
171a. Flowers pink or pinkish-white; bracts ovate-lanceolate, whorled, not spreading 0. 172
b. Flowers white with red or pink patches at throat; bracts lanceolate, not whorled, spreading 181. Impatiens travancorica
172a. Standard ovate-lanceolate; distal lobe of wings obovate or semicircular, seeds tubercled and glabrous 88. Impatiens konalarensis
b. Standard broadly ovate; distal lobe of wings not obovate or semicircular, seeds hairy 53. Impatiens elegans
173a. Lip appendaged at mouth 0. 174
b. Lip not appendaged at mouth 0. 175
174a. Racemes terminal; bracts persistent, linear, recurved with pinkish cilia on margins 22. Impatiens bracteata
b. Racemes axillary; bracts deciduous, lanceolate, not recurved, margins without pinkish cilia 32. Impatiens coelotropis
175a. Wing-lobes equal or sub equal 0. 176
b. Wing-lobes not equal, dorsal distinctly smaller than distal 0. 177
176a. Standard spurred on dorsal side; spur of lip less than 1 cm; lateral sepalslinear-Ianceolate 186. Impatiens tripetala
b. Standard not spurred on dorsal side; spur of lip up to 2.5 cm long; lateral sepals broadly ovate 190. Impatiens umbellata
177a. Spur of lip annular 10. Impatiens annulifer
b. Spur of lip straight, curved or hooked, not annular 0. 178
178a. Stipules digitate or fimbriate 0. 179
b. Stipules not digitate or fimbriate 0. 180
179a. Lateral sepals linear; lip bucciniform, spur 1.5 - 1.9 cm 78. Impatiens infundibularis
b. Lateral sepals ovate-lanceolate; lip navicular, spur 2.5 - 3 cm 112. Impatiens majumdarii
180a. Basal and distal lobes of wings truncate 176. Impatiens tangachee
b. Basal and distal lobes of wings not truncate 0. 181
181a. Plants prostrate 0. 182
b. Plants erect 0. 184
182a. Flowers dull brick-red or orange 114. Impatiens mannii
b. Flowers white, lilac or pale pink 0. 183
183a. Leaves ovate, cordate, petiolate; petioles 1.5 - 1.7 cm long; distal lobe of wings orbicular 34. Impatiens cordata
b. Leaves ovate-elliptic, not cordate, sessile or when petiolate petioles not more than 7 mm long; dorsal lobe of wings triangular 140. Impatiens parvifolia
184a. Leaves variegated 115. Impatiens marianae
b. Leaves not variegated 0. 185
185a. Undershrubs or large branching perennial herbs 0. 186
b. Annual herbs 0. 194
186a. Spur of lip trumpet-shaped, incurved with swollen tip, blood-crimson coloured 142. Impatiens phoenicea
b. Spur of lip not as above 0. 187
187a. Spur of lip tubular, upcurved into a semicircle, cream coloured 143. Impatiens platyadena
b. Spur of lip not as above 0. 188
188a Spur much shorter than limb of lip 0. 189
b. Spur not much shorter than limb of lip 0. 191
189a. Bracts and lateral sepals very large 24. Impatiens campanulata
b. Bracts and lateral sepals not very large 0. 190
190a, Bracts ovate; spur of lip very short, hooked 203. Impatiens wightiana
b. Bracts oblong; spur of lip 6 - 12 mm long, not hooked 48. Impatiens disotis
191a. Stems with very prominent leaf-scars 70. Impatiens grandis
b. Stems without very prominent leaf-scars 0. 192
192a. Lateral sepals linear-lanceolate; flowers scarlet-red 195. Impatiens verticillata
b. Lateral sepals ovate or ovate-Ianecolate; flowers white, rose, pinkish or purple 0. 193
193a. Basal lobe of wings minute, concealed 111. Impatiens maculata
b. Basal lobe of wings not minute and concealed 0. 194
194a. Standard larger than wings, bilobed 94. Impatiens latifolia
b. Standard smaller than wings, not bilobed 101. Impatiens leptoceras
195a. Basal lobe of wings triangular or ovate-triangular 0. 196
b. Basal lobe of wings not triangular or ovate triangular 0. 202
196a. Wings with a narrow emargination opposite sinus of basal and distal lobes 173. Impatiens striolata
b. Wings without such emargination 0. 197
197a. Stipular glands pubescent; dorsal auricle short, hooked 54. Impatiens exilis
b. Stipular glands when present not pubescent; dorsal auricle when present not hooked 0. 198
198a. Leaves whitish on lower surface 0. 199
b. Leaves pale green on lower surface 0. 200
199a. Flowers golden yellow or orange-red 146. Impatiens porrecta
b. Flowers white with pale lilac lip 59. Impatiens florigera
200a. Stems glabrous; leaves alternate 0. 201
b. Stems crisply hairy; leaves opposite or whorled 17. Impatiens benthamii
201a. Capsules beaked 102. Impatiens leptura
b. Capsules subacute, not beaked 3. Impatiens acuminata
202a. Spur of lip much shorter than its limb 0. 203
b. Spur of lip not shorter than its limb 0. 206
203a. Leaves elliptic 181. Impatiens travancorica
b. Leaves ovate to auborbicular 0. 204
204a. Standard apiculate 0. 205
b. Standard not apiculate 8. Impatiens anaimudica
205a. Bracts minute; sharp-pointed 171. Impatiens stoliczkai
b. Bracts 3 - 5 mm long, lanceolate 194. Impatiens verecunda
206a. Leaves turning black on drying 127. Impatiens nigrescens
b. Leaves not turning black on drying 0. 207
207a. Flowers yellowish-white or white with lip lilac 0. 208
b. Flowers of various shades of red, not yellowish-white or white 0. 209
208a. Leaves opposite; lateral sepals ovate 169. Impatiens spissiflora
b. Leaves alternate; lateral sepals linear-lanceolate 59. Impatiens florigera
209a. Basal lobe of wings ovate or rounded 0. 210
b. Basal lobe of wings elliptic 0. 112
210a. Lateral sepals linear-lanceolate 60. Impatiens formosa
b. Lateral sepals ovate 0. 211
211a. Leaves pubescent on both surfaces 85. Impatiens khasiana
b. Leaves glabrous but with short stiff hairs on nerves 102. Impatiens leptura
212a. Bracts ovate; standard without a dorsal crest 154. Impatiens racemulosa
b. Bracts linear or laneeolate; standard with a dorsal crest 0. 213
213a. Stems pubescent; bracts ovate 93. Impatiens latiflora
b. Stems glabrous bracts lanceolate 152. Impatiens pulchra

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