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granulata Bhaskar, Razi & Yogan. in Curr. Sci. 44(17): 622 - 623. 1973.

Herbs, erect, scapigerous; roots tuberous. Leaves radical, ovate, cordate at base, margins crenate, 60 - 90 mm long, pilose above, glabrous beneath, 5 - 7-nerved. Inflorescence racemose, 20 - 25 cm long; flowers pedicellate; pedicels ca 2.5 cm in length, glabrous; bracts ovate-lanceolate. Lateral sepals ovate, apex rounded, 3 - 5-nerved, pigmented at apex; spur 2 - 5 cm long. Wings distinctly 2-lobed; larger distal lobes fin-shaped, ca 2 cm long, smaller basal lobes bent to a side, ca 1.3 cm long, nervation dichotomous, nerves connected to each other at margin of lobes. Capsules many-seeded; seeds minute, brown, with spiral bands all over surface.

Fl. & Fr. Aug.

Distrib. India: Abundant on rocky slopes especially near waterfalls and on old bridges and on rocks during monsoon. Associated with other Impatiens spp. and species of Begonia, Sonerila, Utricularia and some blue green algae. Karnataka (W. Ghats Chickmagalur Dist., Charmadi Ghat, Kotigehr Agumbe, Karwar).


Chromosome no. n = 9, 10 (Bhaskar et al. l.c.).

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