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Impatiens agumbeana Bhaskar & Razi in J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 79 (2): 382 - 383. f. 1 - 4. 1982.

Herbs, epiphytic, scapigerous, perennial, ca 10 cm high, tuberous. Leaves 2 - 5, radical, ovate, obtuse, acute at base, faintly crenate along margins with crenatures minutely apiculate, 1 - 1.5 cm long, pubescent above; petiole filiform, 3 - 4 cm long. Flowers in erect scapes, pinkish; scape ca 10 cm long, slender; bracts linear or ovate; pedicels filiform, ca 20 cm long, glabrous. Sepals ovate, acute, slightly cordate at base, entire along margins, 3-nerved; lateral nerves with a short upcurved nerve not reaching apex. Lip flat, spathulate, ca 4 mm long; spur slightly curved, obtuse, cylindric, ca 5 mm long. Wings 3-lobed, ca 1 cm long; distal lobes more or less confluent; basal lobes distinct and smaller, dorsal auricle prominent, ca 4 mm long, venation open, dichotomous. Capsules ovoid, many-seeded; seeds oblong, hairy, hairs dense and elongated at either end of seeds, spirally banded, brownish.

Fl. & Fr. July - Sept.

Distrib. India: Rare epiphytic species occurring on huge tree-trunks with moss and hygroscopic ferns, in sholas, W. Ghats. Kamataka.


Chromosome no. n = 8 (Bhaskar & Razi. l.c. & in Taxon 25 (1): 155. 1976).

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