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Impatiens anaimudica C. Fischer in Bull. Misc. Inform. 1935: 92 - 93. 1935 & in Gamble, Fl. Pres. Madras 11: 1871. 1936.

Herbs, slightly branched or unbranched; stems erect, 15 - 25 cm high, reddish, lenticelled, younger parts crispately hairy, rooting and branching at nodes. Leaves alternate, membranous, broadly ovate to suborbicular, subtruncate, rounded or shortly cuneate at base, acute at apex, margins evenly crenate, nearly entire at base, teeth apiculate or ciliate, 2 - 6.3 x 1.4 - 4.2 cm, upper surface glabrous or with scattered hairs on nerves, pale and with scattered often crisped hairs on nerves below; primary nerves 5 - 7 pairs, evenly arched, copiously set with short, linear nearly horizontal cystoliths; petiole 1 - 4 cm long, glabrous or sparsely hairy. Inflorescence axillary, shorter than leaves; peduncles capillary, 2.2 - 4.5 cm long, sparsely hairy near base; bracts lanceolate, acuminate, 2 - 3 mm long. Flowers 3 - 4, subumbellate; pedicels capillary, 7 - 10 mm long, glabrous. Lateral sepals ovate, slightly unsymmetric, cuspidate, ca 6 mm long, 5 - 7-nerved, finely streaked with crimson. Lip oblong-ovate, deeply concave, cuspidate, 1 -1.2 cm long with a small rounded spur at base, light-brownish crimson; spur and cup darker. Standard ovate-oblong, cuspidate, ca 8 mm long, coloured like lateral sepals. Wings ca 1.4 cm long, dull-crimson, drying with a bluish tinge; distal lobes semi-obovate, rounded; basal lobe oblong-lanceolate, rounded, ca 3 mm long. Capsules ellipsoid, cuspidate-acuminate, 6 - 7 mm long, glabrous; seeds few, often solitary, subglobose, 3 - 4 mm long, dotted with tufts of white or brownish papilla.

Fl. & Fr. Sept. - Dec.

Distrib. India: High Range in dense undergrowth in sholas at 2,400 m. Kerala.


Notes. So far recorded only from type locality by the type collection.

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