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Impatiens cochinica Hook. f. in Bull. Misc. Inform. 1911: 355. 1911.

Shrubs, 40 - 50 cm high, glabrous or puberulous; branches stout. Leaves alternate at base, whorled above and on branches, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, acute or acuminate at apex, crenate, 6 - 10 cm long; petioles 2 - 4 cm long, slender. Flowers solitary or in fascicles; pedicels shorter than leaves. Lateral sepals triangular-ovate. Lip ca 6 mm long, cymbiform, pubescent; spur slender, incurved, ca 1.8 cm long. Standard orbicular, bilobed, with a mucro in sinus. Wings ca 8 x 8 mm, bilobed; lobes broadly obcordate; basal lobes smaller than distal ones; dorsal auricle rotundate. Capsules ovoid, gibbous, ca 1.5 cm long, beaked, few-seeded; seeds obovoid, ca 2 mm long, pubescent.

Fl. & Fr. Not known.

Distrib. India: Southern W. Ghats at about 600 m. Kerala. Endemic.

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