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Impatiens craddockii Hook. f. in Rec. Bot. Surv. India 4: 29. 1905.

Herbs, annual. Leaves opposite, lower sessile and upper subsessile, linear to linear-elliptic, acute at apex, finely serrate along margins with lower teeth terminating in 1 - 2 mm long filiform appendage, ca 8 x 0.5 cm; stipular glands present; petioles 0 - 10 mm. Flowers axillary, 2 or more; pedicels slender, up to 4 cm. Lateral sepals lanceolate, ca 1 cm long. Lip shallowly navicular, spurred; spur gradually constricted, long, filiform. Standard cucullate. Wings with basal lobes ovate-triangular; distal lobes narrowly elliptic; dorsal auricles present. Capsules turgid in middle.

Fl. & Fr. July.

Distrib. India: E. Himalayas, ca 1150 m. Assam.


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