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Impatiens crenata Beddome in Madras J. Lit. Sci. ser. 2. 20: 69. t. 7. f. 10. 1859 & Icon. t. 31. 1868 - 1874; HooK. f., Fl. Brit. India 1: 442. 1876.

Herbs, scapigerous; rootstock bulbous. Leaves radical, orbicular-reniform or cordate, rounded at base,crenate with a bristle on each crenature and shaggy hairs on nerves above, glabrous. Scape slender, 2 - 3-flowered at apex; pedicels short; bracts ovate-oblong. Flowers white with a tuft of blue hairs. Lateral sepals small, ovate. Lip with a short, obtuse spur. Wings deeply 2-lobed; inner surface with a dense tuft of hairs. Standard broader than long. Capsules tapering at both ends, glabrous.

Distrib. India: Anamalai mountain in Southern W. Ghats from 1350 to 2300 m altitude. Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


Notes. Beddome l.c. 69. f. 11. 1859 described another species l. akka from Akka mountains of Anamalai high altitudes and subsequently treated it as synonymous with l. crenata.

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