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Impatiens denisonii Beddome in Madras J. Lit. Sci. ser. 3.1: 41. 1864 & Icon. t. 151. 1868 - 1874; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 1: 444. 1874.

Herbs, scapigerous. Leaves radical, ovate cordate, base deeply 2-lobed, sinus broad, obtuse or acute at apex, bristly crenate, 7 - 15 x 7.5 - 10 cm, hairy above, glabrous below; petioles shorter than leaves. Scapes twice to four times as long as leaves. Flowers numerous, ca 2.5 cm long, pink, racemed towards apex; pedicels 2.5 - 3.5 cm long. Lateral sepals ovate. Lip broadly ovate with three broad spreading lobes with dense tuft of petaloid hairs above conjuction of lobes; spurred. Wings with a filiform auricle enclosed in long recurved spur. Capsules glabrous; seeds numerous with spiral hairs.

Fl. & Fr. July - Nov.

Distrib. India: Common on moist rocks and tree trunks between 1000 to 1600 m altitude. Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Endemic to the western slopes of Nilgiris.

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