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Impatiens orchioides Beddome in Madras J. Lit. Sci. ser. 3.1: 44. 1864 & Icon. t. 152. 186. 1874; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 1: 443. 1874.

Herbs, epiphytic, scapigerous; roots tuberous. Leaves radical, ovate-orbicular, deeply cordate at base, obtuse or acuminate at apex, bristly crenate along margins, 1.5 - 5.5 x 1 - 6 cm, hairy above, with numerous weak hairs, almost glabrous beneath; petioles 2 - 16 cm long. Scapes 5 - 19 cm long, 6 - 10-flowered at apex; bracts ovate; pedicels very slender, 1 - 1.5 cm long. Flowers ca 8 mm across, reddish-brown or pale brown. Lateral sepals ovate, acute. Lip ovate, acute, saccate, spurless. Standard ovate, obtuse, not vaulted; wings with a dimidiate oblong blade produced into two linear, pendulous lobes. Capsules constricterd at both ends, glabrous; seeds numerous, minute, scrobiculate, brown.

Fl. & Fr. July - Dec.

Distrib. India: Rare epiphytic species occurring at high altitudes from 1800 - 2250 m in moist woods, Nilgiris in W. Ghats. Tamil Nadu.


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