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Impatiens psittacina Hook. f. in Bot. Mag. t. 7809. 1901.

Erect, much-branched herbs; stems and branches stout, coloured. Leaves alternate, ovate, acuminate at apex, serrulate along margins, 5 - 7.5 cm long, mid nerve with clavate glands on either side. Flowers axillary, solitary, ca 5 cm long; pedicels ca 2.5 cm long; bracts setaceous. Lateral sepals greenish, orbicular. Lip conico-campanulate; spur short, hooked. Standard orbicular, concave, ca 1.6 cm across, pale-rose. Wings ca 3.5 cm long, bilobed; basal lobes orbicular, erect; distal lobes longer than basal ones, obliquely oblong, recurved, streaked with red.

Fl. & Fr. Not known.

Distrib. India: On hills. Manipur.


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