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Impatiens tubifer Hook. f. in Rec. Bot. Surv. India 4: 14. 1905.

Herbs; stems erect, usually branched at base, generally unbranched above. Leaves spirally arranged, ovate-lanceolate to ovate or ovate elliptic, slightly attenuate into petiole at base, acuminate at apex, crenate along margins, 2 - 3.5 x 1 - 1.6 cm; petiole 4 - 8 mm long. Flowers axillary, pedunculate; bracts linear; pedicels slender, 2 - 4 together on top of long peduncle. Lateral sepals ovate, ca 4 mm long. Lip bucciniform. Standard ovate, crested. Wings bilobed; basal lobes triangular ovate; distal lobes elliptic-obovate. Capsules clavate.

Fl. & Fr. July.

Distrib. India: E. Himalayas, ca 2750 m. Sikkim.


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