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Impatiens verecunda Hook. f. in Bull. Misc. Inform. 1911: 356. 1911

Herbs, small, 10 - 15 cm high, flaccid, glabrous; stems simple or branched. Leaves alternate, ovate or ovate-rotundate, acute or acuminate, base rounded, crenate, 4 - 6 cm long, membranous, nerves 3 - 4; petioles slender, 2 - 3 cm long. Flowers in 2 - 4-flowered subumbels, ca 2 cm across, rose; pedicels 1 - 2 cm long, deflexed in fruits; bracts lanceolate, 3 - 5 mm long. Lateral sepals ovate, truncate at base, 6 - 7 mm long, 5-nerved. Lip orbicular, 6 - 7 mm; spur obtuse, less than half the length of limb of lip. Standard orbicular or oblong, 6 - 9 mm across, with a blunt or pointed apiculum. Wings sessile, 1.3 - 1.5 cm long, 2-lobed; basal lobes orbicular, minute, more or less folding over distal lobes from base; distal lobes trigonous or dolabriform, larger than basal ones; dorsal auricle obscure. Capsules ellipsoid, beaked, many-seeded; seeds obovoid or globose, 2 - 2.5 mm, compressed, pubescent.

Fl. & Fr. Not known.

Distrib. India: Southern W. Ghats, on a steep marshy embankment under trees. ca 1372 m. Kerala (High Range at Periakanal and Devicoiam)

Endemic. Not located since the type collection made by A. Meebold).

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