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Abroma Jacq.

Trees or shrubs, stellate hairy. Leaves simple, alternate, cordate, ovate-oblong, serrulate, sometimes angled. Flowers bisexual, in few-flowered, leaf-opposed or subterminal or axillary peduncled cymes. Sepals 5, connate near the base. Petals 5, purplish, claw concave, broadly glandular at base, lamina large spathulate. Staminal cup bears 5 groups of fertile antehrs in sinuses; staminodes longer than fertile filaments, obtuse. Ovary sessile, pyramidal, 5-locular, ovules many in each locule; styles 5, connivent. Capsules membranous, 5-angled, 5-winged, truncate at apex, septicidally 5-valved, valves villous at the edges. Seeds numerous; endospermous, embryo straight; cotyledons flat, cordate.

Tropical Asia to Australia and polynesia, ca 2 species; one in India.

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